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Cabot Oil & Gas Reports Well Successes in Pennsylvania and East Texas
Jul 23, 2009

HOUSTON, July 23 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Cabot Oil & Gas Corporation (NYSE: COG) today announced the results of four successful horizontal completions in three different reservoirs. "These recent completions indicate the success we continue to experience in the Marcellus and also success with several new initiatives in the Pettet and Cotton Valley Taylor sand," said Dan O. Dinges, Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer. At the same time, the Company discloses the cumulative impact of some plays and its plan for the remainder of 2009.


Cabot's most recent horizontal completion in the Marcellus, the Teel 8H, had an initial production (24-hour into sales) rate of 10.3 Mmcf per day with a maximum spot rate during that period of 12.0 Mmcf per day. Production from this well remains strong with a 30-day average rate of 9.8 Mmcf per day.

The Teel #6, a vertical Marcellus well, is flowing to sales at an initial 24-hour rate of 4.2 Mmcf per day. The well was completed over a 370-foot interval in the lower and upper Marcellus shale. "We believe the stimulation contacted most of the lower and upper shales, plus the Purcell limestone," added Dinges. "We consider this completion a critical event in the development of our Marcellus acreage."

"Today in Pennsylvania, we are producing 39 Mmcf per day from seven horizontal and 20 vertical wells," stated Dinges. "One year ago we announced our first Marcellus production from a vertical well. Since that time we have cumulatively produced over 5.8 Bcf."

The 2009 drilling program is on schedule to spud 18 additional horizontal wells between now and year-end. Presently, eight rigs are drilling with a ninth preparing to spud a well. "At this point we have three wells completing and 12 waiting on completion or pipeline," commented Dinges. "I am extremely pleased with the latest results and the pace of progress as our new team transitions to our new regional office in Pittsburgh."

Additionally, infrastructure has been expanded to handle the physical production with Cabot now having 100 Mmcf per day of capacity at its Teel compression station. Firm take-away from the station increases to 70 Mmcf per day August 1, 2009 and then to 100 Mmcf per day August 1, 2010. "We are working with several customers to secure additional firm take-away capacity above the current levels," added Dinges.

East Texas

At Minden, the Company recently completed its first horizontal Cotton Valley Taylor sand well with an initial rate of 9.5 Mmcf per day. This well has performed extremely well with a 30-day average rate of 7.9 Mmcf per day. "We are pleased with both the initial results and the production stability of this well," said Dinges. "These rates significantly enhance the economics for Cotton Valley development in a lower price environment, and to that end, we have identified 50 to 60 potential locations."

Also, in response to the soft price for natural gas near-term, the Company initiated an effort to exploit the horizontal Pettet at County Line - a known oil reservoir. "We have completed our confirmation wells of the Pettet Lime oil reservoir under the James Lime field. The most recent well confirms the initial discovery drilled by Cabot this past spring," stated Dinges. The Sustainable Forest #5 tested the Pettet in April 2009 with a 4,700-foot lateral and a ten-stage slickwater frac. The well IP'd to sales at 842 barrels of oil per day plus 1.4 Mmcf per day at 1,300 pounds flowing casing pressure. The 30-day average rate was 519 barrels of oil per day plus 2.0 Mmcf per day.

The confirmation well, the Timberstar Redditt #4, drilled about 4,000 feet from the discovery, was spud in May 2009 and tested the Pettet in a 5,200-foot lateral with a ten-stage frac. This well flowed to sales at an initial IP rate of 504 barrels of oil per day plus 1.2 Mmcf per day. Over the first nine days of production, the well flowed at an average of 465 barrels of oil per day plus 584 Mcf per day.

"Because Pettet oil economics are superior to the James at current commodity prices, we will shift some capital from the James program to the Pettet," added Dinges. "We have recently spud our third Pettet well and if the price disparity between natural gas and oil persists, we plan to expand the program further in 2010."


The Company has increased its investment program for 2009 from $475 million to $500 million with the incremental earmarked for more horizontal activity in both east Texas and Marcellus, along with additional leasehold primarily in the Marcellus.

"We have replaced some verticals with horizontals in Pennsylvania, and we have added horizontals in east Texas," commented Dinges. "Specifically, we have two horizontal Haynesville shale wells drilling with partners in our County Line area."

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